A great career celebration

I wish to thank everyone who contributed to the celebration of my career on April 20/21, which was organized by Karin Sigloch, Suzan van der Lee and Anne Deschamps with fantastic help from the administrative staff of Geoazur, Valerie Mercier-Valero in particular.

As I said in my dinner speech - I learned more from each of my students, postdocs and collaborators than I ever taught to others. In the 40+ years as an active researcher I had a great time, and I hope to go on for a little while!

At the request of some I make the last talk of the oral session (apart from some technical geophysical stuff) here available. In it I give my own ideas of where the geosciences are headed, and how the university education should respond to these development:

Click here for the english version of my talk

Si vous voulez savoir mes idees sur le futur des geosciences, et les consequences pour l'enseignement cliquez ici pour la version francaise

And here are some photos taken by Corinne Nicolas-Cabane:

Princetonians only: